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SRS offers training and consultancy services while developing methods and tools (also Internet-based) for Sustainable Quality Management (SQM).
Since 1997, SRS carries out in fact projects where the SQM approach is progressively improved and presented in publications, reports and lectures (see SRS activity and publication).
To complete the list of projects and publications concerning the SQM system, the following ones have to be added

Other projects and publications on SQM
SQM has its origins in the EU research project INSURED (Instruments for Sustainable Regional Development, 1996-1998) with partners from Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland. This project was aimed at elaborating a holistic approach towards sustainable development.

INSURED – Sustainable Development. A comprehensive approach  INSURED – Final report
Previously, the term Sustainable Quality Management appeared in the 1990’s in theoretical considerations and in a programme of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) aimed at analysing the entrepreneurial tendencies in several countries.

However, it was only on the basis of the INSURED project that two of the partners (Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser of EURES – Germany and Filippo Strati of SRS - Italy) created the “SQM – Sustainable Quality Management ®” system with the associated mark in 1999. These partners founded also a company (SQM-praxis Gmbh) in 2001 to develops operational tools for practitioners in order to support evaluation procedures and decision making processes.
Following the closure of SQM-praxis the 31st of December 2005, the trade mark rights were transferred to the its former founders (Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser and Filippo Strati), while SRS acquired all the tools developed till then through research and pilot projects both at European, national and local level.

The SQM system was recently innovated both in methods and tool

SQM system