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Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility
Entrepreneurs who are open to new business approaches, sensible in dealing with the issues of sustainable development, try and adopt new methods for strategic planning, while involving stakeholders (e.g. consumers, workers, managers, public authorities, local communities, civil society organisations).

The preparation of the annual business plan can become an instrument to open decision making processes, as a precious factor to anticipate and manage changes looking at development perspectives. Studio Ricerche Sociali carried out several initiatives to foster sustainable businesses, including publications and web portal in Italy, e.g. on behalf of the Provinces of Arezzo (between 1998 and 2003) and Grosseto (between 2002-2004).

The approach for a Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility is based on the principles of European 2001 Green Paper on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as well as on those elaborated at a world-wide dimension by several organisations and including social and environmental audit. The approach was worked out attentively taking into account a wide range of business issues, professional competences, knowledge and know-how. An integrated approach emerged from developing several projects.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Methods and Tools
Studio Ricerche Sociali experimented with methods and tools that converge on the preparation of business plans oriented towards sustainable development, taking into account and integrating its distinctive dimensions.
Business plan oriented towards sustainable development - software