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Sustainability Revamping Systems promote participation in sustainable development processes through the formulation of innovative actions based on assessments of current situation and possible prospects. This cognitive process of reaching decisions requires time for reflection, awareness and commitment to formulate views and suggestions on the basis of what is known in specific local contexts. Sustainability Revamping Systems are additional to the current decision making and fully respect institutional frameworks, structures and mechanisms of the concerned local contexts while contributing to their democratic life.

Sustainability Revamping Systems constitute a platform of approaches, methods and tools developed through different but converging projects.

Approach is the theoretical framework that makes clear ways of thinking about specific issues. It contains concepts that allow researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders to share a common language and to formulate strategies in a given context.

Methods form the operational framework of a project; they describe how the theoretical framework can be put in operation according to the project context.

Tools are the practical means that allow methods (i.e. the operational framework) to be implemented in a specific context while following the theoretical framework of the project.

On-line systems support the participation of stakeholders in all the phases of a new project. Stakeholders evaluate the current situations and decide innovative actions through easy manageable questionnaires.
Stakeholders constitute a virtual and interactive forum that produces several points of views and suggestions. Trained persons process all results, additional information and data according to the project indicators. The on-line systems produce automatically reports that are utilised to elaborate customised publications. The on-line systems can be fully utilised by the interested persons only when they initiate a new project because the systems are continuously updated to fit their specific needs.

Approaches, methods and tools so far developed concern the following themes:

Sustainability Revamping Systems constitute an evolution of SQM (Sustainable Quality Management).